Update 1: Pre Orders, and TRRS Cables

Hello everyone, 
It has been over a month since we have opened up our storefront and we appreciate all the support and feedback so far! We are thinking of adding a variety of USB ends to allow slight customization. This option will appear before you check out, for an additional $3.The most difficult thing we have had to deal with, is keeping the Lemo styled connectors in stock. To avoid this, we are going to temporarily hold off on weekly restocks and start taking pre orders. Pre-orders will be honoring our current price. We plan on increasing our prices a bit to allow for more appealing packaging (mailers, custom tape, new stickers, and reusable bags. Pre-orders will be fulfilled within 3-5 weeks. In addition, we will also have a promo during this pre-order period for free CONUS shipping on orders over $100!
I also am adding TRRS cables for all you split ergo users! The cables will have multiple variations from 5 coils with 3" leads, or 2ft straight with additional options for straight or angled TRRS.  These are going to be in our 3 colorways from the Interface collection and will feature gold plated tips. 
Lastly, we will attempt to make Monday updates a routine from here on out, once things start picking up for us. 
Be safe and have fun, 
Rafael & Takara
KKona Co.